Laboratory of Metals and Corrosion

Get a competitive advantage due to the cooperation with academicians and scientists. We are one of the few EN ISO 9001:2008 certificated Czech university laboratories offering analysis for not only metallic materials, development of protective coatings and corrosion attack reasons and corrosion development determination.

With high-tech facilities and top laboratory equipment and the background of the Faculty of Chemistry of BUT Brno, we help to industrial companies and research institutions to find the answers for their questions.



Professional courses and seminarS


Let perform standardized tests according to the EN ISO 9001:2008 standard or get the competitive advantage in applied researches. We cooperate, we teach, we train. Students, industry and research representatives. All the courses meet EN ISO 9001:2008. Let find in which fields of metals and corrosion are we long term interested in. We also offer thesis topics for students.



Microscopes, corrosion chambers, materialograhycal equipment and lot of other top equipment. Due to the background of the Faculty of Chemistry BUT Brno we have all the equipment at disposal. And now, you can use it as well.

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Ing. Jaromír Wasserbauer, Ph.D.