Laboratory of Inorganic Binders

The aim of chemical analysis laboratory is studying the chemical composition of materials at micro and nanoscale. There are the possibilities to study quantitatively and qualitatively the contents of chemical elements and phases in materials of various states. Instrumental equipment allows the study of temperature dependence of the phase composition,residual stress measurement, and analysis of the crystal orientation. 

Contact: František Šoukal, Ph.D.

Research program

Inorganic materials

Research focus

  • Technological development, improving of energetic efectivity and lowering of ecologic impacts of industry of concrete and hydraulic binders
  • Improving of useful parameters of materials on the inorganic base
  • Research and develpoment of geopolymers
  • Research and development of MDF composites
  • Research and development on use of secondary products from chemical and metalurgical industry


laboratory Equipment

Preparation and treatment of inorganic binders

Chemical analysis

Structural analysis

Thermal analysis

Physical-mechanical analysis