Laboratory of Biocolloids

Biocolloid research group has a long term experience and research excellence in studying properties or structure and developing applications of several natural colloids or colloids of biological origin.

Contact: Assoc. Prof. Martina Klučáková, Ph.D.

Research program

Advanced Organic Materials and Biomaterials

Research focus

Two main streams have been developed – biocolloids based on polysaccharides being the first one with main potential applications in the health care. This includes not only medical applications but also highly up-to-date and perspective field of nanomedicine or sophisticated cosmetic systems. All these fields rely on colloidal or nanocolloidal materials and the biocompatibility is one of the crucial requirements. The second main stream of excellence embraces biocolloids based on humic substances and lignite which find applications either in environmental technologies or in sustainable and rational agriculture. Functional materials for in situ pollution treatment or for rational management of plant nutrients and water are being developed. (view more).


Facilities and expertise