Cooperation Offer for Industry

We provide high quality instrumental and knowledge base for the silicate industry as well as for systems utilized in regenerative medicine and health care.

We offer high quality instrumental and knowledge base for the silicate industry, as well as systems utilized in regenerative medicine, or care about the appearance and health. Please don´t hesitate to contact the responsible person of each research program.

The research program of inorganic materials

  • manufacturers and processors of inorganic binders,
  • manufacturers of building materials,
  • manufacturers of technical and engineering ceramics,
  • manufacturers and users of refractory materials
  • users of inorganic technology.


 František Šoukal, Ph.D.


The research program Advanced Organic Materials and Biomaterials

  • company producing or carrying biologically active substances and their dosage forms,
  • firms producing, using or carrying biopolymers, biodegradable polymers,
  • pharmaceutical companies, cosmetics, biotechnology or food,
  • agrochemical companies, companies with an environmental focus,
  • companies operating in the field of electronics, sensing and diagnostic techniques
  • companies producing or developing medical devices
  • institution of clinical research and testing


Assoc. Prof. Martin Weiter, Ph. D.


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